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My journey to understanding how values drive success

I’m Tracey Strauss, an entrepreneur, advisor, business economist, investor and wellness advocate with decades of experience across a wide range of industries – more than that, I’m a huge proponent of driving big value by aligning with your values. I’ve been the unsure entrepreneur, the leader who needs help as well as the success story that comes at the heels of tough times and failure.

Each day, I strive to create value from context and growth from clarity because I know firsthand that context, clarity and perspective, both personally and professionally, are imperative to making smart decisions. And I want you to have all of my best tools and frameworks in your toolbox, so you can achieve the next level of success.

How values drive value


An entrepreneur from the outset. Before the age of the internet and today’s global digital economy, I got my first taste of the wide world of business by flipping the pages of Fortune and Forbes magazines. Growing up in rural Ontario, I knew it would take hard work and a fresh perspective to make it happen. Even now, I’m known for my tenacity, commitment and willingness to go the distance.


Always searching for new perspectives. One of the reasons I love to travel is because I’m constantly inspired by new cultures, new food and new experiences. In a business world built on relationships, this openness and ability to connect and understand has served me well – and will do the same for you.


Chasing better, not perfect, every day. I believe innovation, advancement and technology are keys to building a brighter future. I bring my curiosity, inquiry and love of learning to every interaction – because we’re defined by our ability to know better, do better and be better.


For anyone who’s ever felt they “need to make a change.” Our personal lives inevitably affect our professional lives. My approach starts with a look inward, because I honestly believe healthy minds and bodies lead to healthy leaders, decisions and businesses.

“The people who are most successful in deals are those who are willing to learn, who are open to the idea that they don’t know what they don’t know.”

– Tracey Strauss

Where personal values steer business value

I’ll help you create growth and value for your business as part of the larger context of your life. You’ll get to leverage my experience and skills to help you find the context, clarity and perspective you need to make key decisions, business and otherwise, and build a winning mindset. I’ll help you achieve your desired objectives – but more than that, I want you to feel valued and heard, from a deeper human level.

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